Swayable is a cloud-based web application that uses smart data science to measure the impact of content on people’s opinions. It is backed by Y Combintator, Lowercase Capital, New Media Ventures and Higher Ground Labs.

New Economy lab

New Economy Lab is a social innovation firm that creates new digital social enterprises and initiatives, and offers expert advice to leading global and national organizations.

NEW york times

James was Chief of Operations of NYT Global, the international digital team of The New York Times, which he played a central role in establishing. He also led digital product and technology strategy.

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PEERS was the world's largest sharing economy advocacy and community group, representing hundreds of thousands of participants in sharing economy across the globe, winning victories in several key U.S. cities to keep sharing legal and well regulated.


Purpose builds large-scale online movements for social change, including starting several of the world's largest progressive digital advocacy groups. James was a founding partner and member of the original leadership team.


McKinsey & Company

Working with around 15 different clients on strategy, technology and finance projects, James began his career at the management consultancy McKinsey. Clients included state and national governments, global and national non-profits, and major businesses.


UNITED Nations

James was a graduate intern at the UN Division for Sustainable Development in 2002, writing a report on the use of scientific expert advice in the UN system. He also participated in the 1997 Kyoto COP-3 climate change negotiations, as well as Copenhagen COP-15 (2009) and Paris COP-21 (2015) in various NGO, journalism and advisory capacities.

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Studying experimental condensed matter physics under J. C. Séamus Davis, James discovered relationships between the quantum and geometric properties of high temperature superconductors, developing new computational algorithms and atomic-resolution electron microscopy hardware.