Climate change & Australia

Co-authors: Ben Saul, Steven Sherwood, Jane McAdam, Tim Stephens

"Climate change is one of the most hotly debated issues of this century. This book provides a clear, balanced account of the science on climate change, how it is affecting the planet, and the policy options available to deal with it. It draws on the expertise of its authors from the disciplines of science, economics, geography and international law."

Sharing economy's rapid growth raises vital questions

Co-authors: Natalie Foster, Jeremy Heimans

"The sharing economy offers an antidote to overconsumption, an eroding middle class and rising concentrations of wealth and power, through use of idle assets – parked cars and empty apartments, Peers.org founders write."Guardian

The path to deep carbon reductions

Co-authors: Stephan Görner, Liana Downey

"The report by the management consultants McKinsey and Company, advisers to some of the world's biggest corporations and institutions, says that the cuts could be made without a big technological breakthrough or dramatic lifestyle changes, and by 2030, emissions could be slashed up to 60 per cent." –Sydney Morning Herald